Rouseville Jewish Women

I grew up during the second wave of the feminist movement, yet my consciousness was not raised until I reached university in the late s. At that time, there was a strong feeling emerging that a revolution was in place where "institutionalised prejudice" in all its forms would finally be swept away. There is however, a deep conflict between Judaism and feminism which stretches from the public in synagogue to the private. For example, in all Orthodox synagogues men pray separately from women and in many women are relegated to an upstairs gallery. Gender hierarchies are entrenched in Jewish thought: This tension has been a make or break one for many Jewish people who have left Orthodox Judaism for conservative versions in some cases just leaving the whole thing behind them , Professor Alice Shalvi being a distinguished example. There are many couples where the husband is involved and the woman is estranged. What drives this is the dissonance between women's lives in society at large where, at least in principle, all options are open to them, and their role in traditional Jewish life which is limited and constrained by laws developed by male rabbis. These laws, which do include some progressive aspects described by conservative Rabbi Judith Hauptman as a "benevolent patriarchy" , have wide implications for women's lives. Yet as feminism has progressed, attitudes towards the role of women in orthodox Judaism have lagged behind.

The iron sign over the driveway entry says "Jewish Cemetery".

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Rouseville Jewish Women
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