Kitzingen Christian Women

At Kitzingen, a talented theologian-artist also produced illuminations that enhanced the meaning of the texts, in one case a crucifixion miniature illustrating the Pauline Epistles also in a markedly feminist way. Religious Women also provides many glimpses into non-gendered aspects of monastic culture during the eighth century, such as the importance of the practice of devotional penance. Religious Women in Early Carolingian Francia: Bibliographic Information Print publication date: January DOI: Authors Affiliations are at time of print publication. Furthermore, the scribe-authors of Karlburg and Kitzingen actively intervened in the texts they transmitted to modify them when necessary in a more feminist direction, combined pre-existent texts in innovative ways, and composed a number of entirely new texts in order to produce powerfully feminist visions of Christian history and Christian theology. Born in England, she went to Germany to assist Saint Boniface in his missionary labors. Background Sometime after the death of Aldfrith of Northumbria around the year , his widow, Cuthburh, the sister of King Ine of Wessex, established a double-monastery in her brother's kingdom at Wimborne in Dorset. Richard of Wessex was one of the underkings of the West Saxons, and married to Winna, the sister of St. Before starting on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, with his two sons, Richard entrusted his eleven year old daughter Walpurga to the abbess of Wimborne. Thecla and Lioba were educated at Wimborne Abbey and later joined the Benedictine commun Saint Theodosia of Constantinople Greek: Icon of St.

They demonstrate that the life of the Kitzingen nuns, like that of the denizens of other male and female religious communities, was centred on prayer and liturgy, despite the claims made in previous scholarship of a general prohibition of women in liturgical practices. This intriguing trail of thought is continued and expanded throughout chapters five to seven, which likewise reveal the women of Kitzingen as engaging actively and critically with patristic authority and gender ideologies. According to the author, the women of Kitzingen were actually encouraged to imagine themselves as part of the miniature. It also includes a brief summary of the Carolingian reform movements throughout this region and the specific ways in which these affected women in clerical positions. It reveals that, during the seventh and eighth centuries, this region accommodated a significant number of syneisactic communities, which allowed for, and even facilitated, regular correspondence and interaction between religious men and women, several of whom were previously married and active in the secular world. Based on a well-selected range of examples, the author first demonstrates that women, both aristocratic and clerical, played a crucial role in the commissioning, production and transmission of manuscripts during the period under consideration. Religious Women in Early Carolingian Francia: Dr Benjamin Pohl University of Bristol.

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Kitzingen Christian Women
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