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The victims were treated for their head and face wounds at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital. When Brown returned from his haircut, he was described as being intoxicated to the point where he was "unable to stand up" and that his breath "smelled like liquor. According to AIFB public affairs, Brown is a civilian contractor living on base, and not an enlisted or commissioned officer. Man arrested on Eielson Air Force Base for assault of woman, young girls, troopers say. At this point, according to the affidavit, the woman escaped through the garage door, and child 1 came screaming from the basement. The suspect, Don Brown, was consequently arrested and remains in custody at Fairbanks Correctional Center. Brown allegedly began by grabbing child 1 by the hair and dragging her to a wall. Brown then told child 2 to go back upstairs with child 3, and allegedly elbowed her in the head repeatedly upon doing so. Child 1, the year-old, was left in the basement, where Brown went to unlock the gun safe, retrieving a handgun from it. During the time she was gone, Brown allegedly then told child 1 and child 2 to go to the basement. The Mad Lib used the parts of speech the boys thought of to create a wild story they were able to enjoy later. Jacobson is a base library technical technician. Skip to main content Press Enter. Home News Article Display. The party offered a new way to look at reading and was the finale to a program that reached out to children to spark their interest in books. The Guys Read program is a national program geared toward fourth grade boys, when boys typically start losing interest in reading. Recently at Eielson and around the Fairbanks area, men have been volunteering to read books to boys during the lunch hour, and talking about what they've read, she added. This year we opened it to all elementary school age boys.

The base is located on the Tanana River floodplain and the slopes of the Yukon-Tanana uplands. There are a number of individual "contaminated sites" on the air station, and reports on the status of each is available on DEC's database. In the Record of Decision, many of the potential sites were found not to pose an unacceptable risk to human health and the environment and were closed by EPA and ADEC the five-year Record of Decision Review for describing this action is available on the Eielson website. In the Record of Decision for Eielson AFB, 29 areas were divided into six Operable Units based on common characteristics or contaminants, and 31 other areas of contamination were evaluated through a source evaluation process SER. Remediation activities occurred during the 's at many of the contaminated sites on Eielson AFB. Mailing Address: Box Juneau, Alaska Location: You are here: Eielson Air Force Base View detailed information from the database on this site. The groundwater resources on base are used for drinking water and industrial, domestic, agricultural, and firefighting needs. Institutional controls, such as restriction of ground-water use in certain areas, fishing advisory, and a dig permitting process for construction activities, are in place at Eielson AFB to prevent exposure to any remaining contamination. Historical operations at Eielson AFB have generated varying quantities of hazardous and nonhazardous wastes from industrial and airfield operations, fire training, and fuel management. State and federal regulatory agencies are aware of this situation and working with the Air Force to ensure human health and environmental protections and to make sure the contamination and any mitigating factors are addressed.

The last time you saw an Airman with their haircut out of regulations, did you correct them? In the past year the Air Force had some major incidents that have negatively affected the way the outside world views us. Instead they have individuals who worry about office conflicts and choose to only enforce the rules and regulations they deem critical.

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The firefighting assessment team prepares to overhaul a space during a main space fire drill in the Main Machinery… https: Phil Davidson visited the mindefsg, meeting with regional leaders and counterparts and… https: In the event someone ends up in the water, crew from the NavysFlaship conduct search and rescue swimmer training i… https: Every other year, Joint Base Elmendorf—Richardson opens its gates to the public Happy nd birthday, America! Within AMMO, different shops work like a distant assembly line, from storage, to building, then loading, each playing a critical part to safely transport the munitions and ensure it leaves the aircraft without any discrepancies. Eielson's 71st Composite Civil Air Patrol squadron became uniquely positioned to provide low and slow support to the Air Force when it gained a new commander and operations officer whose day jobs in the rd Combat Training Squadron directly support planning and execution of RED FLAG - Alaska and other exercises. It helps civilians understand a small part of what the Air Force does," said Major Brewer. I wanted members to feel a strong sense of purpose and saw an obvious opportunity to use CAP assets and crews to support the Air Force. CAPs mission is to support the Air Force during times of crisis by performing humanitarian services and often providing services to the Air Force, to include Eielson, through support agreements. The RF-A exercise provides unique opportunities to integrate various forces into joint, coalition and bilateral training from a simulated forward operating base. Having several people in our squadron who are active duty Air Force pilots and Department of Defense civilians working at Red Flag gave us needed experience, knowledge and contacts to make these missions happen," said Colonel Rytting. Civil Air Patrol Capt. One might not imagine that one of the two best bases in the Air Force can be found near the small town of Belleville, Illinois, a bucolic community of 44, in a St. Air Force Times is weighing in on this argument with the best tool at our disposal: We've looked at 68 stateside Air Force bases and their surrounding communities, and pulled together data on a dozen factors — everything from school quality to the local economy, crime rates to traffic, and climate to on-base amenities, such as commissaries. Air Force Times evaluated statistics in a dozen categories: We then assigned each category a score on a point scale. And when we tallied up the results, some surprising bases rose to the top of our list. But they are diamonds in the rough and provide good places for airmen to raise families and entertain themselves, as they serve their country. Finally, we added up the scores and stacked the bases. Our top five bases may not get a lot of attention or be as glamorous a posting as, say, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam in Hawaii. We searched for all rated schools within a mile radius of each base and averaged their scores to come up with an overall school score.

Eielson Air Force Base Guys
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